P6 articulation endoscope for heavy duty gas turbine generator inspection

P6 articulation endoscope https://www.hengal-tech.com/P6-Series-Flexible-Industrial-Endoscope-pshow/28.html

Heavy-duty gas turbine generator is a very efficient heat-power conversion type drive core equipment. As we all know, its design and manufacture are very difficult, so the detection requirements are higher. The non-destructiveness of endoscopy is gaining more and more attention, and when the P6 articulation endoscope is used in the inspection of heavy-duty gas turbine generators, the inspection is more economical and efficient.

①Detecting gas engine defects faster.

Faced with a lengthy gas turbine inspection area involving combustors, nozzles, turbines, intake chambers and compressors, inspectors are tasked with finding pitting, cracking , signs of wear and tip friction, and the task of assessing the severity of these anomalies. The bright illumination, high-definition image quality and accurate 3D measurement capabilities of the P6 articulation endoscope significantly improve the confidence of inspectors in gas turbine inspection and defect assessment, making gas turbine inspection more efficient.

②The distance between the inner wall of the casing and the tip of the rotor is measured, which is easy to operate.

The distance between the inner wall of the gas turbine casing and the top of the blade rotor is called the tip clearance, which is one of the important parameters affecting the performance of the engine. Accurately measuring blade tip clearance is one of the important contents in optimizing blade and casing design and diagnosing unit abnormalities. Conventional endoscopic measurement methods need to be detected and measured at a relatively short distance to better ensure the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, the inspectors need to intersperse video probes between the blades of each level according to the pneumatic design of the compressor to find suitable distance and location. The P6 articulation endoscope, which has the ability to capture more image details, makes it easier to inspect the stator and measure the tip clearance from a longer distance, greatly simplifying the operator's work complexity, while avoiding the potential for frequent threading and winding. equipment damage.

③High efficiency, saving testing time.

Image is the basis of gas turbine visual inspection, and high-definition image quality will bring more benefits to customers. A full inspection of 14 fuel nozzles, combustors, turbines, intake chambers and compressors, which normally take 8 hours or more, can be completed in 6 hours using a high-definition endoscope. The application of high-definition endoscopes means less time, easier workload, more timely detection of defects inside the gas turbine, and more accurate assessment of the conditions of various components inside the gas turbine.

P6 articulation endoscope https://www.hengal-tech.com/P6-Series-Flexible-Industrial-Endoscope-pshow/28.html